St Dismas Chaplaincy & Mission

An organisation in the Old Catholic Tradition

Society of Inclusive Old Catholics (SIOC)

Caring for all Gods Children

Who we are

SIOC was formed in July 2017 as a Religious Society for Old Catholic clergy and laity who felt committed to the inclusion of all Gods children to his Church. We recognise that all may be called to serve, both male and female, and we accept our that God created us all as distinctly unique beings, irrespective of sexual or gender identity. We do not all hold the same views on every issue, but we accept certain basic truths in common, and work alongside one another for the furtherance of Gods Kingdom.


Almighty God, through your Holy Spirit you created unity in the midst of diversity;

We acknowledge that human diversity is an expression of your manifold love for your creation;

We confess that in our brokenness as human beings we turn diversity into a source of alienation, injustice, oppression, and wounding.

Empower us to recognize and celebrate differences as your great gift to the human family.

Enable us to be the architects of understanding, of respect and love;

Through the Lord, the ground of all unity, we pray.

Our Clergy

Our clergy are community based, and mainly work in chaplaincy, with some being parish based. Many are called to preach as visitors with other denominations. We come from a range of generations, backgrounds and jurisdictions, but we are all called to serve Gods children, no matter who they are.

Want to contact us?

Contact can be made to the following details:-

General enquiries - [email protected]